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Flight Control End-of-Line Tester


TALOS designed and built a custom ATE (Automated Test Equipment) for functional testing of a commercial airline’s control yoke. The automated test system software uses step-by-step instructions to walk an operator through the test sequence. The test parameters are software configurable to allow fine-tuning and customization based on tested product. The system also reports real-time test information on-screen to the user and logs test results and parameters to a data file for review and analysis. In addition to testing the UUT’s (Unit Under Test) range of motion, actuation force, and feedback results, the system verifies dielectric strength, insulation resistance, wire continuity, and ground bonding.

Rugged Portable Motor-Control System

TALOS worked with a client to design an automated leak-detection system. Our client was previously spending considerable effort transporting their control hardware from system to system to run leak-detection tests. To speed up the process and reduce wear or risk of damage to the motor control system, TALOS designed a rugged, portable enclosure which houses the motors, controller hardware, and cables necessary to control the system. Now all the client needs to do is plug in a PC and connect the motors and the system is ready to run.


Compact System Controller


TALOS designed a compact industrial controller for a client who cold-works rivet holes to impart beneficial compressive residual stress around the hole. This system controls a pump which drives a mandrel to perform the cold work and analyzes a plot of pump pressure vs mandrel travel to determine the quality of the cold work. The controller was designed to interface with a portable pump system, and maintain a watertight seal in the event of pump leakage. The system has multiple modes: run, setup, and debug. The system supports Wi-Fi connectivity and visual mapping of rivet holes for automatic cataloging of the process.